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The Building Blocks of the Embryo are Developing Rapidly in Week 5

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Breast Pain
63% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 5 of pregnancy. More >>
55% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 5 of pregnancy. More >>
46% of women experience bloating as a symptom during week 5 of pregnancy. More >>

By this week, if your period has not started, you’re pregnant! You can now take a pregnancy test to assure yourself. It is the third week since you have conceived, and important changes are occurring.

Pregnancy 5 weeks pregnant embryo development


The Embryo is now forming the beginnings of your baby's body.

The Amniotic Sac surrounds the developing embryo with fluid for protection.

The Umbilical Cord is developing in order to connect the embryo to the placenta.

The Yolk Sac gives nourishment to the embryo temporarily until the placenta is established.

Week 5 baby embryo size sunflower seed
Embryo Size
Your baby is about the size of a sunflower seed during week 5.

LENGTH: 0.09 in / 0.23 cm
WEIGHT: 0.007 oz / 0.19 g

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The neural groove is being formed. This forms the brain and spinal cord, or the central nervous system. This will soon form your baby’s head. Embryonic tissues are forming into a structure that will soon become your baby’s heart. This is all happening while chorionic villi are reaching into the wall of your uterus to form the placenta. These villi contain blood vessels that tap into your body’s blood supply to access nutrients that the baby will need for further development when the yolk sac is no longer needed.

With the affirming news that you are indeed pregnant, many emotions can arise. Even if you have been planning and trying to get pregnant, the affirmation that yes, you are pregnant can spark some anxiety. This is normal. Pregnancy is an emotional time. Your life and your partner’s life is about to change forever, this is a big deal, so don’t brush off any feelings you may be having. Talk to your partner, friends, and family. Anxiety will be replaced by joy and excitement. It is important for your emotional well being, as well as your health, that you talk through your changing emotions and not bottle them up.

If you are on contraceptives and are surprised to be pregnant, you should discontinue use of your contraceptive and see your doctor immediately. Chances are that you have not done any harm to your baby.

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