Breast Pain and Tenderness ─ Symptoms of Pregnancy

Breast Pain and Tenderness Symptom Overview

Breast pain and tenderness is often one of the early signs of pregnancy. A woman's breast grow quickly in size and density during pregnancy and commonly feel full and heavy. The rapid growth causes breasts to be tender and painful with occasional tingling sensation in the nipples. As pregnancy progresses, hormone changes stimulate milk production, causing breast to increase even more as milk ducts are being filled with milk in preparation for breastfeeding. During the third trimester, many pregnant women start leaking milk from their breast. This first milk is called colostrum, identified by its yellow color and thick consistency.

How to Alleviate Breast Pain, Tenderness and Nipple Discomfort During Pregnancy

  • Find a good fitting maternity bra early in your pregnancy.
  • If your breast are large, wear a bra at night.
  • Put lotion, vitamin E oil or shae butter on your nipples.
  • Put pads in your bra to help ease the pressure and absorb leakage.
  • Wash your breast once a day with mild soap.