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Your Baby is Becoming Very Active During Week 27 of Your Pregnancy

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Back Pain
62% of women experience back pain as a symptom during week 27 of pregnancy. More >>
57% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 27 of pregnancy. More >>
Acid Reflux
37% of women experience acid reflux as a symptom during week 27 of pregnancy. More >>

You may find it difficult to sleep due to your baby’s activities. Space is now getting tight in your uterus. The baby is likely to give you a few sharp jabs with its feet and fists as it stretches and turns. However uncomfortable the kicks may be, you’ll find them a welcome reassurance that the baby is thriving. Relax in bed or in the bath and watch your belly – you’ll be amazed and amused at how it pops up and down and moves around.

Pregnancy 27 weeks pregnant fetus development


Your Uterus is growing rapidly and may soon start to add pressure to the veins that return blood from your legs. This can cause your leg muscles to cramp on occasion.

The Eyelids are fully functional this week and blink, open and close, regularly.

The Eyebrows & Eyelashes are now visible and hair is growing everyday.

The Legs are getting stronger and is kicking more often.

Week 27 baby fetus size cantaloupe
Fetus Size
Your baby is about the size of a cantaloupe during week 27.

LENGTH: 14.68 in / 37.3 cm
WEIGHT: 1.95 lb / 884.5 g

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When you settle down for a nap it can be frustrating if your baby starts exercising, but take this as a sign that all is well. You baby may be more active at some times than others. This is likely to be because when you’re busy or distracted, you’re less aware of your baby moving because you’re not paying much attention to him as the other times. The moment you stop and sit down to put your feet up or go to bed will be the time your baby starts to do his somersaults.

This week also marks the milestone when your baby’s eyes open. Even with the eyelids open, a fine membrane that will completely disappear during the final month of pregnancy protects the delicate structures of the eyeballs. It’s too early for your baby to respond to light in a fully coordinated way, but it may turn towards very strong lights or respond with a blink.

Your baby is getting bigger and bigger as each day passes, and with this you will become increasingly aware of its body and movement. Although sometimes these movements can be uncomfortable or take you by surprise, most of the time they’re just a gentle reminder of your growing baby and, as such, are something to look forward to feeling.

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