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Your 17th Week is Filled with Activity as Your Baby Becomes Extreamly Mobile

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Breast Pain
51% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 17 of pregnancy. More >>
58% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 17 of pregnancy. More >>
55% of women experience headache as a symptom during week 17 of pregnancy. More >>

Your baby is now increasing its activity and even doing somersaults! Things are becoming lively in your uterus. Your baby has plenty of room to move around and he’s making the most of it.

Pregnancy 17 weeks pregnant fetus development


Your Baby is very active and has a lot of room to stretch and perform somersaults.

The Eyes are becoming sensitive to light as the retina becomes established.

The Skeleton is changing from rubbery cartilage to hardened bone.

The Heart is beating rapidly and is strong enough for you to pickup with a stethoscope.

The Lungs are getting exercised as your baby moves fluid with breathing movements.

Week 17 baby fetus size apple
Fetus Size
Your baby is about the size of an apple during week 17.

LENGTH: 5.25 in / 13.3 cm
WEIGHT: 5.04 oz / 142.3 g

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All activity is good for your baby's future physical and mental development. With this in mind, you should be active too. Physical activity is a great stress reliever. You should learn to recognize the signs that you are stressed and be proactive about talking about it. Take time to relax!

Ensure that you are drinking enough fluids. If your urine is clear to light yellow you are adequately hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important. In the second and third trimester, dehydration can lead to premature contractions, which you will want to avoid.

Every part of your baby has an enhanced blood flow that brings nutrients for growth. Blood vessels are easy to see on scans because the skin is still quite transparent, with little fat yet deposited beneath the skin.

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