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Pregnancy Discomforts Should Subside During the 15th Week as the "Glow" Begins

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Breast Pain
58% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 15 of pregnancy. More >>
62% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 15 of pregnancy. More >>
55% of women experience headache as a symptom during week 15 of pregnancy. More >>

Like many pregnant women in the second trimester you may now be reaping the benefits of the pregnancy “glow.” As your hormones improve the appearance of your skin and hair, you should enjoy this time and the attention that often comes with it.

Pregnancy 15 weeks pregnant fetus development


The Inner Ear have formed and your baby is now able to hear you.

The Placenta is undergoing new development to sustain as the life support system for your baby.

The Neck is extending and your baby can rotate its head freely.

The Spinal Cord has fully formed extending the entire length of the vertebral canal.
Week 15 baby fetus size peach
Fetus Size
Your baby is about the size of a peach during week 15.

LENGTH: 4.17 in / 10.59 cm
WEIGHT: 2.56 oz / 72.6 g

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Your baby can now hear you speaking and will recognize your voice and your partner’s voice. At this time, you may not feel as though you are pregnant. You may not look pregnant yet, and you may not feel it. The physical reminders like nausea have subsided, and this is the time for you to really enjoy being pregnant.

Internally, your baby’s neck is growing. The baby is now looking more and more like a human being. The thyroid gland is developing and producing hormones. The baby’s kidneys are starting to function. The placenta has now started its second stage of growth, which will take almost six weeks. The outer layer of cells in the placenta move into the coiled arteries in the uterus beneath the placenta, destroying their muscular wall. This causes the arteries to dilate, resulting in increased blood flow.

This week, your baby’s spinal cord is fully formed, and by the end of the week, your baby is able to use fat as a source of energy. Fatty acids from your blood are used to promote organ growth, forming cell walls, making myelin sheaths around nerves to insulate them, and for many other functions.

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