8 Weeks Pregnant ─ Pregnancy Symptoms

This Week Your Hormones and Emotions can begin to take Hold

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Breast Pain
71% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 8 of pregnancy. More >>
71% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 8 of pregnancy. More >>
67% of women experience nausea as a symptom during week 8 of pregnancy. More >>

Take extra care of yourself! At this point, you’re probably beginning to feel different. Your hormone levels are changing, and this may cause you to feel low and irritable at times.

Pregnancy 8 weeks pregnant embryo development


The Yolk Sac is rapidly shrinking as the placenta starts to deliver nourishment to the embryo.

The Eyes are growing larger and getting darker.

The Umbilical Cord is starting to provide the early stages of circulation.

The Ears are just starting to form the outer ear.

The Hands & Feet are starting to develop fingers and toes that are still connected.

Week 8 baby embryo size raspberry
Embryo Size
Your baby is about the size of a raspberry during week 8.

LENGTH: 0.58 in / 1.5 cm
WEIGHT: 0.04 oz / 1 g

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As your body begins to change shape during your pregnancy, you might begin to worry about gaining too much weight. Remember, you’re supposed to put on weight during your pregnancy. If you eat sensibly and exercise moderately, you should gain a healthy amount of weight for you and your baby. If your pre-pregnancy weight falls within the normal range, the recommended pregnancy weight gain is 25-35 lbs. While women carrying twins within this normal range should expect to gain about 35-45 lbs.

At this stage in your pregnancy, your baby’s brain is very simply formed. At your 11-14 week scan with your doctor, a brain development checkup will be done to confirm that your baby’s early brain development is normal. Your baby won’t look recognizably human yet. The lower lip and the jaw are formed, while the upper lip is not yet complete. The mouth appears to be very wide. The external ears are developing low down at the jaw line, and the eyes are wide apart. The dots that will form your baby’s eyes are clearly visible at this point. Over the next few weeks, your baby’s facial features will become much more defined. The upper and lower limb buds, that will form the legs and arms, are clearly visible by now. Your baby is developing rapidly, but the physical signs of your baby’s gender are not yet apparent. The sex of your baby was determined at conception, but the genitals have not yet fully formed. However, your baby’s heart has developed, and is beating at about 160 beats per minute! Amazing!

At this time in your pregnancy, it is normal for your emotions to fluctuate. Be reassured that this is a temporary part of pregnancy, and hormones that are out of your control are ruling your emotions. These hormones are the same hormones that cause PMS. Make sure that you are not becoming overly tired or overwhelmed, but if this is the case, seek the appropriate help.

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