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Your Baby Should Shift Downward Lower into Your Pelvis Starting Around Week 37 of Your Pregnancy

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Back Pain
73% of women experience back pain as a symptom during week 37 of pregnancy. More >>
55% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 37 of pregnancy. More >>
52% of women experience contractions as a symptom during week 37 of pregnancy. More >>

At this point of your pregnancy you are nearly as big as you are going to get. If not by now, very soon your baby will drop down lower in your pelvis, ready for birth. Your belly will shift downward, giving you a different shape. When this occurs, relax, and remember that labor is not necessarily imminent.

Pregnancy 37 weeks pregnant fetus development
Week 37 baby fetus size butternut squash
Fetus Size
Your baby is about the size of a butter squash during week 37.

LENGTH: 19.51 in / 49.5 cm
WEIGHT: 6.36 lb / 2884.8 g

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The Vellus Hairs are small fine hairs that are growing in place of the lanugo hair on your baby's body. As the lanugo is shed from the skin, it is normal for your developing fetus to consume the hair with the amniotic fluid.

The Hair of most fetuses is full at this point with locks up to an inch or two. This being said, some babies are born without any hair at all!

The Ears are picking up familiar voices and your baby is turning toward them in the womb.

The Umbilical Cord is now passing antibodies to your baby. These antibodies will help protect your baby from disease and germs that they will be exposed to after birth.

Once your baby "drops" you will feel lighter, and be able to breath easier with the added space your lungs have to expand. Your abdomen will feel smaller, because of your belly shifting down and forward. This shift will put added pressure on your bladder, causing you to urinate more frequently. Another possible symptom you may experience is pelvic pain which is also caused by the added pressure from the "drop".

Throughout the engagement of your baby's head into the pelvic brim, your doctor will examine to check exactly where your baby is. This measurement is called the station and is calculated from -5 (the baby's head is above the pelvis) to +5 (the baby's head is at the opening of the vagina). The final stage at +5 is called crowning.
Labor Baby Stations
In these final few weeks of pregnancy the nesting impulse might overwhelm you. This is completely normal and will be accompanied by an urge to get your home in perfect condition for your new arrival. Cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering are all part of the program. Remember not to over exude yourself to safeguard from early labor. If nesting is not happening to you, don't worry, just hire professionals for the jobs you need completed.

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