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Your Baby Should Start Developing a Rhythm of Sleeping and Waking Around Week 31 of Your Pregnancy

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Back Pain
71% of women experience back pain as a symptom during week 31 of pregnancy. More >>
61% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 31 of pregnancy. More >>
Acid Reflux
45% of women experience acid reflux as a symptom during week 31 of pregnancy. More >>

Your breasts will gradually prepare for a hungry baby in the third trimester. This transformation will trigger some changes you might not expect. Your areolas will also start to darken in color and small glands on the surface will form bumps around the nipples. Your breast will also become fuller and feel quite a bit heavier. The rapid growth can lead to tenderness and cause them to feel very sensitive. A proper fitting bra is essential to your comfort.

Pregnancy 31 weeks pregnant fetus development


Your Uterus may tighten and contract periodically. It is common to experience these Braxton Hicks contractions in the third trimester.

The Legs still have space to be fully stretched out but periodically cross or curl up over your baby's head.

Fat continues to build and will more than double your baby's weight between now and birth.

The Nervous System has matured to the stage where it can control body temperature rather than relying on the temperature of the amniotic fluid.

Week 31 baby fetus size cabbage
Fetus Size
Your baby is about the size of cabbage during week 31.

LENGTH: 16.34 in / 41.5 cm
WEIGHT: 3.35 lb / 1519.5 g

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At this stage of pregnancy your baby has defined periods of sleep with and without rapid eye movement (REM). When your baby is asleep, but not in REM, EEG brain scans show low activity. Studies show this period of low brain activity account for almost half the time during a given day. The next most common state for your baby is REM sleep. During REM, brain scans show periods of high brain activity and your baby may be either inactive or have lots of movements you can feel. This makes it hard to tell whether your baby is awake or asleep.

Insomnia is a familiar problem during pregnancy which can lead to symptoms of irritability, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Common causes of insomnia are constant urination, increase in size, heartburn, baby movements, back pain or other factors, but rest assured you can take steps to improve your sleep. Some helpful tactics for insomnia are taking a hot shower or bath, reading a book in bed, having something to eat before bed, or perform some light exercise. Also, you can make up for lost sleep by taking naps during the day.

You may find that sex during the third trimester of your pregnancy can be challenging. May women find that the missionary position becomes uncomfortable as their belly grows, so you may want to experiment with different sex positions that are more comfortable. You may find that the spoon position with your partner behind you is pleasurable or kneeling while your partner enters from behind. Also you may find that being on top is enjoyable; experiment and find what works best for you!

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