10 Weeks Pregnant ─ Pregnancy Symptoms

During Your Tenth Week You May Notice Your Body Beginning to Change Shape as the Baby Transitions from an Embryo to a Fetus

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Breast Pain
68% of women experience breast pain and tenderness as a symptom during week 10 of pregnancy. More >>
66% of women experience fatigue as a symptom during week 10 of pregnancy. More >>
70% of women experience nausea as a symptom during week 10 of pregnancy. More >>

By the end of the tenth week of pregnancy your baby’s embryo stage will come to an end. In the coming weeks, your baby will be known as a fetus. The major organs are in place, but not yet in full working order. Your baby’s development still has a long way to go. However, during week 10 you may notice that you have developed quite a bit. Your breasts may have increased a cup size or more!

Pregnancy 10 weeks pregnant embryo development
Week 10 baby embryo size strawberry
Embryo Size
Your baby is about the size of a strawberry during week 10.

LENGTH: 1.20 in / 3 cm
WEIGHT: 0.13 oz / 3.7 g

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The Yolk Sac will not be needed going forward as the placenta takes over.

The Placenta is now fully developed and will be your baby's lifeline going forward.

The Ears have formed the outer portion but still need to move upward into their final position.

The Umbilical Cord exchanges blood between the placenta and your baby.

The Wrists are now able to bend.

The Fingers & Toes have grown and separated.

The Intestines are developing at the base of the umbilical cord.

This week the placenta takes over from the yolk sac to provide your baby with nutrients. As your baby has needed to grow, so has the placenta. It has needed to grow and develop a circulation to support the ever-increasing demands that are placed on it. Villi have been spreading out into the lining of the uterus to be bathed in maternal blood, enabling oxygen and nutrient transfer to occur. Inside, your baby’s lungs have begun to develop, your baby has begun to bend its wrists, a more distinct neck area has developed, and your baby’s head is now slightly lifted off the chest.

The blood supply to your breasts is increasing. Your breasts will have become larger and more tender, and may have even begun to look different on the surface with more veins starting to appear. Your nipples will darken, and become more erect. And as early as the 16th week, milk may leak from your breasts. You may not need to go out and buy a pregnancy wardrobe yet, but now would be a great time to invest in some bigger bras. Wearing a good and supportive bra during pregnancy is essential to prevent backaches and sagging breasts. Wearing underwire bras during pregnancy is not recommended because they can dig into the developing breast tissue and damage it, which may cause problems with milk production. Not to mention that the wires digging into your skin may be uncomfortable! Bras such as sports bras are great during pregnancy.

One of the downsides of pregnancy is being at greater risk of urinary tract infections, so be aware of the signs. While a UTI is not very serious, and can be easily treated, it is something you should do without! An infection may cause you to urinate with more frequency, which is also a symptom of early pregnancy. If you have a stinging discomfort when you urinate, lower abdominal pain, or even blood in your urine, you may have a UTI. It is important that you contact your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

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